Hello friends, These several weeks have not been all too easy for Israel. The excessive pressure and recent terror threats and attacks from peripheral corners explicitly convey king Solomon’s vision of our times1 by relating us to a sheep amongst 70 wolves to be true. A sheep is one of the most vulnerable animals, and […]

Rabbi David Benchlouch of the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation of Cape Town gives you a quick and easy guide to the correct method of lighting your Chanukah candles. Chag Sameach! Click here or on the image to view on YouTube  

Where to focus first? Halacha states to light the Chanuka candles in the most visible place at one’s home. If possible one should light candles by the front entrance to the corresponding side of the mezuza, if that cannot be done one should light by the window facing street view or otherwise on the table […]

Welcoming Is Key   ‘And Rachel has taken the teraphim (idols), put them into the camel’s packsaddle and sat on them. Laban rummaged through the whole tent but found nothing’. (Genesis 31, 34)   Rachel decides to steal the teraphim, a skull filled with spelling powers which are believed to have abilities to speak and […]

Shalom friends, I’d like to wish Ela Levy a huge mazal tov on her Bati celebration this Friday night at our synagogue. May you only rejoice in happiness and everlasting growth and make your family proud by your achievements! We are now in the month of Kislev counting the days to Chanukah. Watch this space […]

Shalom friends, It is exam time for the students amongst us and the heat is on. Taking a test or being put to the test is not always fun but every challenge we overcome bears a invaluable outcome in our lives. Rivka the Matriarch is being put to the test this week as Eliezer looks […]

בס”ד עמ”י עש”ו   “And it shall be when you come to the land which Hashem your G-d gives you…you shall take from the first of every fruit of the ground from the Land Hashem has given you and you shall put it in a basket and go to the place that Hashem your G-d […]