Monthly Archives: October 2015

Noah 5776

In our Parasha we read about the flood God has decreed upon the world that nearly led to the extinction of all life form on earth. Noah was saved by the ark he and his family harboured in for an entire year. 365 days of devastation. Of uncertainty and maybe despair. 8 people in total […]

Neila 5776

After the first wold war, there was a brilliant man by name of France Rosentzveig, a German Jew who was wrestling with a tremendous problem, should he convert to Christianity or not. Because things were very bad. Jews had restrictions, they could not work where they wanted, could not get official positions, nor could they […]

Ki Tavo

On R”h and Y”h we say the psalm for Parnasa Psalm 24 “Ledavid Mizmor who will go up and stand in the mountain of Hashem”? A rather tempting, daring and brave task to accomplish. The answer is surprising. Not one who knows the Torah nor that runs after chesed( charitable acts) all day, rather he […]

Haazinu Bs”d

In Parashat Ha’azinu we find yet a rather surprising song. As Moshe Rabeinu turns to the Hebrews of the dessert with his very final words. A poetic, emotional and colourful song. But really looking into the meaning and depth of it, Moshe Rabenu was in fact rebuking Am Yisrael with things he had kept in […]

Bereshit 5776

In the first day of creation Hashem has the luminaries. He has said “let there be light”. The verse states that G-D has acknowledged the good in the light, as he has “seen the light to be good”. What did God not create in the Genesis? There are several types of light in the world, […]

Lech lecha

Parashat Lech lecha reveals the behind-the-scenes communications analysis between Hashem and Avraham. While some leaders take credit of their work and ideas as their own they may teams of professionals for guidance. Avraham Avinu the legendary revolutionist and founder of monotheism openly reveals his motives. He had Hashem guiding him and was proud to show it. […]