Monthly Archives: February 2016

Trumah 5776

Why was the very first human being created as a lone creature? The Tanaim in the Mishnaic period between the years 10-190 of the Common Era draw a moral and ethical hypothesis from this episode. Having everything well prepared before his formation, Adam was undeniably the peak of genesis. The entire world in its magnitude […]

Parashat Shoftim

Parashat Shoftim begins with a command to appoint judges and ministers amongst us. It later on commands us to appoint a king to rule the nation. This is vital in the establishment of the land, as the Jews were now making their way into Eretz Israel. This is the first thing they must tend to if […]

5776 Rosh Hashana Final

Two conflicting figures are repeatedly mentioned throughout the holidays. Avraham Avinu & Yitzchak Avinu. We can learn so much from the personality of these pioneering figures.   Let’s have a look. Avraham Avinu, at the age of 137 longed for continuity, he wanted his off springs to carry on where he left off, but was willing to give up everything […]

Haazinu 5776

In Parashat Ha’azinu we find yet a rather surprising song. As Moshe Rabenu turns to the Hebrews of the dessert with his very final words. A poetic, emotional and colourful song. But really looking into the meaning and depth of it, Moshe Rabenu was in fact rebuking Am Yisrael with things he had kept in […]

Matot- Masei 5776

Iran is having the world spinning. Will we again open the gates to the potential dangers incurred? This proposal has gotten Prime Minister Netanyahu to condemn all negotiations. Did you know that there is a rally in the United States this Sunday in Times Square? American Jews of all sectors are coming together to protest […]

Mishpatim 5776

A terrible tragedy in Israel again, this time in Damascus gate. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the murder of 19 year old Hadar Cohen, a female soldier. Hadar was in her first week of service, only two months since she had joined the military and was shot and killed from point blank by a […]