Shemot novi 5777

Hello friends,

These several weeks have not been all too easy for Israel. The excessive pressure and recent terror threats and attacks from peripheral corners explicitly convey king Solomon’s vision of our times1 by relating us to a sheep amongst 70 wolves to be true. A sheep is one of the most vulnerable animals, and only with their shepherd holding a torch to fight off hazardous attacks will they ever survive. Our shepherd is HaShem and the torch is the Torah. This is our only means of survival. I heard a beautiful insight this week: the Jewish people have never instigated war in history over nations that decreed death upon them, they revered to prayer and have repeatedly succeeded and survived. But when decrees against observing and studying Torah were placed against upon them, Jews have reacted with war. Why is that?

The relation of Am Israel is tola’at Yakov, the worm of Yakov. Kind David also poetically names himself a worm. Out of all species?? The worm has very little physical advantages but with persistency worms can devour the strongest of trees from the inside. Am Israel has an advantage in their mouth through their prayer and atirah study they will overcome any obstacle. Surely we must strengthen our military defenses and secure our land with any and every possible tactical way. But with the G-d effect it will never work, never has and never will. Today more and more people affirm in their cultures they too have realized there is an evident limitation to the extent of their toiling input and without a higher force of guidance and protection they will be left with nothing. I was watching the Man United & Liverpool game for a bit and realized how almost every player goes out to field by paranoia of kissing his chain bearing religious embroidered necklace and chanting 100 words. Wow. We worm people, the Jewish sheep nation have taught Manchester United a thing or two! I want dividends my friend!


Tirtza joins me, seriously – in wishing everyone in our beautiful Kehila another amazing Shabbat.


Warm Regards,

R. David Benchlouch


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