This week we learn about the captive taken from war, the Ohr Hachaim teaches that the verse stating that one must captivate the prisoners it infers to captivating but releasing the bad of the captivated.  It related to our inclinations. We can release the part of us inclined for otherwise negative behavior towards the good […]

This Shabbat and Sunday is Rosh Hodesh Elul. Just 30 days to Rosh Hashana and 40 days to Yom Kippur, it is customarily accepted to begin thinking about our new year and our new beginning. Some of the many ways to connect is by the Selichot, by observing more and reflecting more. By checking ourselves […]

This week’s Parasha opens with the episode of the Red Cow. The Parsha begins however with an introductory phrase: ” and this is the decree of the Torah”, and goes on to list the Halachik parameters of  the Red Cow. The obvious question is, how is the Cow considered the underlying decree or summary of constitutions […]

In Parshat Chukat Moses hits the rock instead of speaking to it as Gd commands and is punished along with Ahron not to enter Israel. Why though does Moses hit the rock, he clearly hears Gd command him to speak to it?    The Midrash shares an insight that our entire sustenance in the wilderness […]

Shalom friends, In this week’s Parsha we find a surprise suggestion to a puzzling question we have been facing. Why are Jews despised around the world, why do endless countries use critical excuses for demilitarized behavior towards us? Why were we abused throughout history in such a cold-hearted fashion over and over again? Articles out […]

Shalom friends, I was struck with irony to my barber’s  response regarding the  Holiday we’re celebrating next week. ” Received  the Bible at Mount Sinai?” Well you better keep the New Testament” he offers. While I politely declined his proposal he continued with a detailed description of how the fire of hell will not cease […]

Why was the very first human being created as a lone creature? The Tanaim in the Mishnaic period between the years 10-190 of the Common Era draw a moral and ethical hypothesis from this episode. Having everything well prepared before his formation, Adam was undeniably the peak of genesis. The entire world in its magnitude […]